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Top Things To Do In Swords, Ireland

Top Things to Do in Swords, Ireland

The country town of Fingal that is located in the Northside of Dublin, Swords is a swell place to visit with a lot of attractions. Swords is an emerging city with a vision to have a more clean and sustainable life. The street patterns of the medieval town indicate the influence of early Christian settlement. The place has so much to offer, let’s look at some of the reasons you must visit Swords and the things you could do while you are here.

Swords Castle

The swords castle has 800-year history and is located at the centre of the old town. The castle is known to have a lot of secrets. There are a lot more that are yet to be revealed. The castle is a national monument and an example of an Archbishop palace as it was built by John Comyn, the Archbishop of Dublin in 1200. Visitors are always welcome into the castle, and there is a lot more to see and learn. Many events take place inside the palace throughout the year.

Swords Castle

Play Golf

Swords is popularly known for its numerous golf courses. There are some well-known ones like Swords open golf course. This golf course offers a wonderful golf experience; there are a wide variety of trees you will come across and is a delightful place to visit if you want to try out golf. Other places like this include Crosstown Golf club, Forrest little golf club, St. Margaret’s Golf & Country Club etc.

The Old Schoolhouse Restaurant

If you are in Swords, Famished and confused then a highly recommended restaurant, ‘The Old Schoolhouse Restaurant’ is a must-visit. They specialise in seafood and locally sourced steak. This restaurant was a schoolhouse in the 18th century. The menu has a wide choice of home-produced food, both vegetarian and meat.

Dublin Food school

The culture and the food will fascinate you, and you might want to dig deep and learn more, worry not, the Dublin Food school has the exact experience that you need while you’re here. The school offers to teach you new cooking skills. You could either watch, photograph or even learn to prepare traditional Irish cuisines like the Irish stew scones, Guinness cake etc.

Gilbert and Wright Wine bar

This bar is an addition to the beautiful nightlife at Swords. The place is known to have a very calming ambience with its 70s’ theme and music of that era. The bar gives out a ‘bordello’ effect with its chandelier and dark wooden furniture at the upper-level lounge. Their collection of wine, champagne, beers etc. is the finest of all. They are popularly known for their wide variety of food and speciality coffee.

There’s a lot more to do here, so do visit Swords and experience the lifestyle and culture and we hope you have a great time.

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